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1 Sweater 3 Looks with Katarina Monet

What's that in the air? Things feel different, but I can't put my finger on it..... Could it be covid? No. That's not it. It smells different too, like dried leaves and burning fires mixed with earl grey tea and dryer sheets. It's not unpleasant. In fact, I feels like it's time to rotate my drawers and pull all the sweaters up, and relocate the tank tops to the bottom.

While going through the normal changing of the gaurd I found this sweater swimming around waiting for it's day in the sun. I picked it up from a thrift store about five years ago, give or take. The stripes, colors and turtleneck make me feel groovy, like maybe I could be a 70's babe going somewhere to do "The hustle".

Goldie Mae Productions model Katarina Monet felt it too and together we spent some time strolling down Platte Street near Commons Park in Denver and worked this one sweater, three ways. There is no brand tag. There was once, but I was that kid that could not continue to walk if the seam of my sock rubbed my pinkie toe, even slightly, so I'm a tag remover. Also, I don't like women to "size themselves up" because these number we have assigned to clothing are arbitrary and somewhat unhelpful. But, they have a weird way of sinking into a growing young woman's mind and putting pressure on her to maintain an unrealistic body weight. I think you get what I'm saying. It's not healthy. But oddly enough, on this sweater, I left a tag that informs me it was made in Australia (far out) and is 71% cotton and 29% nylon. Take note, this is a winning blend that offers tons of stretch, and it stretches back when you're done!

Even though, I personally consider white a power color, I've seen more squished faces of doubt when I suggest a woman wear it. If you grew up with that strange, overly restrictive rule of not wearing white heels after Labor Day, white can also a color of rebeliousness. Get rebelious. I strongly recommend it!

I think a stripped anything is the easiest foundation for styling because it offers options for your next color choice. You're not limited to one. It's not an either choose the green stripe or the blue stripe. Go hog wild and choose all of them if you want. Pick your favorite colors. Pick the color you happen to have a pair of pedal pushers by Dalia Collection in. In this case it's mustard.

Layers are the name of the game with fall weather in play. A chambray shirt dress by Spoon keeps thing comfortable so Katarina can capture the moments with a vintage Pantax and a Mickie Mouse watch. We took several absolutely perfect captures of Katarina holding her camera up before we realized the lens cap was still on. It doesn't take a genius to know your faking it if the lens cap is still on. It didn't snap off either, because it was old school. We had to twist it off! It took me a second or two to figure it out being deprogrammed from such behavior. Lucky me, I got a capture with it cropped out!

Tall women have areas of concern when dressing that average height women don't have. Katarina is 5'11 and that qualifies her as a tall woman. And, yes we know that when you are under the average height, there's an entirely different list of concerns. But, the one we will address today is the question of if the helm line is too high and will your butt cheecks expose themselves if you so much as lean across a counter to grab some fries and a coke? You can do the bend-over test in the full length mirror before you leave to make sure the panties arn't saying hello to people you might not want them to say hello too. But, really, when in doubt, put something else on. Life is short, but your your hemline doesn't have to be. There is a happy medium.

If short skirts are in your comfort zone, there's never a better time to pull out those cool-cat tall suede boots. And they've been buried under all those flip flops since last winter and are itching to get out and paint the town red. Living in a closet is boring, when life is happening in the streets.

My Sister-in-Law made this lovely set of earings and necklace and I like the way the tiny orbes don't compete with the sweater even though, if I were going to keep strictly to that 70's show theme, the accessories would be large and attention grabbing. But I wouldn't want to be that predictable and also, I didn't have anything in my collection that screamed 70's. Practically speaking, large baubles can get caught on turtlenecks, and I recommend caution when turning your head quickly. These darlings are look-around-the-room friendly. I can hook you up with my Sister-in-Law if you want to order a set, lemme know.

Earlier, Katarina was wearing a short skirt, with tall boots, but this time, we switched it up with a long gray knit skirt for an example of boot pairing norms. Think about it practically. If your skirt is long and your boots go past your knee. Whose going to see them? No one. And they might leave strange divets in the front of your skirt that look like the leg version of pantylines. It's not smooth. Everything underneath your outfit should be smooth if you want to look polished.

Let's do the reverse now and think about the amount of leg between the end of your mini skirt and the top of your ankle boot. It's forever! Some might say too long. It's odd to see two stick like legs pop out of the top of short booties, like a Tim Burton character or a potted plant.

Rules are loose in fashion, so feel free to mix things up! That's most of the fun of having a body to dress in the first place. Can you dig it?

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