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A Day at the Lake with GMP

Colorado isn't really known for lake recreation like the states to the north of us. You don't really go swimming, per se in the Rocky Mountains, as much as you go dipping. You get in, you get out. Most people, unless they have seal DNA hidden in their genes, would catch hypothermia in a Colorado lake before getting wrinkled raisin fingers. Oh, but that 3 minute plunge is so refreshing and worth every minute! So worth it, that you might not even bother to put on a swimsuit. That works too, because as cold as the water is, the hot, dry air is equally intense. You'll be dry before you get back to your car.

Mishael LaBella

On this beautiful summer day, Goldie Mae Productions took a field trip to Bear Creek Lake, just west of Lakewood and snuggled up to the base of the front range by the historic town of Morrison. Ironically, I have raised my three sons only 15 minutes west of this lake and this was my first time there. What a loss of many great summer day trips I could have had with my kids......But, it's never too late, and I got one of them there before he was too old to appreciate it. See below, lol.

Alec Elder

Our crew of cuties arrived towels in hand and happiness in their hearts. We asked them to pass on the typical swimsuit, although, that is what I ended up anyway, but I wasn't planning of stealing my darlings thunder as a model this day. But, we see swimsuits swimsuits swimsuits all summer long. Looking at socially acceptable undergarments being worn in public is, well so predictable. We wanted to make waves other ways.

Miss Zuri Barnes took a touch of glam to the shore and sparkled like a mermaid. Her choice of the blue and purple sequined mini dress made some by-standers heads turn. How often do you find a gorgeous creature emerge from the depths looking like she was recently at an underwater soiree?

That lovely rose embroidered dress was almost perfect on Zuri but it felt like she needed a little something-something to cause a wake, so we gave Yuri Kulikov a gentle push in the pond and the two made magic.

Taiya Werling

One of the best things about being young is that you still have that passion for play. Taiya Werling, the youngest of our team, was quick to take to the water with no fear, like there wasn't any sharp-toothed fish hiding just past the drop-off point to give your calves tiny love bites. They aren't. Trout aren't super big into biting people.

Karissa Seal

Taiya and Karissa had each others back from frame one. Not just for emotional support and comradery, but for their very safety. From under the shield of a fly net that Karissa had brought for a prop, the ladies checked their social media with sudden eruptions of laughter following the sounds of a slaps that claimed a mosquitos or two's life.

There are some challenges that come with shooting on location with hundreds of people watching you. You are a bit vulnerable after all. For Mishael, it wasn't that her outfit became completely transparent once in the lake that challenged Mishael LaBella the most.

It was that amazing hair of hers that never ceases to amazing and delight us. Her hair has a personality of its own. True fact. And what we learned about the personality of her hair this day, is

that water rolls off it like duck feathers. No matter how many times we made her dunk her head, we could not keep it wet for more than a few frames.

Take a minute and think about Grandma. Weren't expecting that were you? Well, let's just say you went to the lake your family; Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis, Granny, Pops. And you're all sitting under a canopy drinking some ice cold sodas from the cooler, talking about your typical family stuff; How you are going to college in the fall and feel nervous about living with a stranger in the dorm, how you hate delivering pizza's and what your thoughts and opinions are on the dress your aunt wore to the last family get together.

Jeff Warnock and Alec Elder

And then this happens. What was that you were saying to Grams? I forgot too.

But, don't worry about it, because when Jeff Warnock pulls down those shades and makes eye contact, one of you is going to lose more than their train of thought, one of you is going to lose your composure. If Gramps is near by, let's hope it's you and not the 75 year old woman that calls you cupcake still.

Remember when I mentioned hypothermia? When lips turn blue and bodies start shaking, in these situations, there are two choices. A. Get out of the water. B. Find a cuddle buddy and gaze meaningfully into their eyes until they feel the warmth of your love. Save a life, give a hug.

Julie Gallahue

At the end of the day, when our models have been water-logged, and desperately need to find bug spray and itch cream, I can not resist the call of the cool aqua. All day long, I've been knee deep in the lake, standing on the edges, shouting out poses and suggestions. And, when I can take no more heat, the water wins. I've got to get wet!

It's not like I didn't believe the models when they made faces when stepping in the mud, or found and object under their toes that was suspiciously unlakelike. It's not like I didn't think the goose pimples were genuine. Nobody can goose pimple on que. Nobody. And that water, despite it being mucky from us kicking up the bottom of the lake for the last 2 hours, it was my greatest pleasure of the day to dive in and cleanse my body of the dust and sunblock build-up collected from the day.

And there was another one of us that was in need of a cool down. Our photographer, Jack Spellman. Jack being from Kansas, where water snakes find the environment quite hospitable we assured him that this was not a huge concern at this altitude. Yet another plus for mountain lake dipping: very few venomous critters.

Photographer and Model Jack Spellman


Karissa Seal

Taiya Werling

Mishael Le Bella

Zuri Barnes

Jeff Warnock

Yura Kulikov

Alec Elder

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