• Julie Gallahue

Bold Beautiful

Will there ever be a time when the color on color concept fails to produce engaging images for a model's portfolio? Highly unlikely. This is a must have in your book, and when Goldie Mae Productions Model, Danshay Martinez suggested it, we decided to grab a few GMP friends, pulled out the most vibrant clothing from the closets and booked the Beauty Underground Studio.

Danshay Martinez

Reilly Blake

Reilly's first red shoes

The wardrobe is an eclectic selection of thrift store finds, and hidden treasures waiting for their day to shine. Reilly brought these red boots with her to the shoot, and eyebrows rose with excitement. A pair of red boots, on a red head, in a red jacket; that's kind of a big deal.

As it turns out, Reilly's always had a thing for red shoes and her mother had evidence on her phone to prove it.

Emelia Castro

The swoosh of the skirt is a thing of beauty and when executed well, brilliant images follow. It's all in the hips. Practice this whenever you're wearing a flowy skirt, whether long or short.

Photographer EJ Carr captured by David Langlois

Our Team

Photographer | EJ Carr

Models | Danshay Martinez | Reilly Blake | Emelia Castro

Hair Artist | Charlie Price

Make-up Artist | Angelica Rodriguez

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