• Julie Gallahue

Closet Raid with Samantha Ball

Do you have that friend that always looks good? The one that seems to be able to toss the right things together without blinking and leaves the house looking like a million bucks every day, even if it's jeans and tees for a morning cup of joe? Yes, you do and secretly, you kind of want to raid that friends closet and take home some of those pieces for your own.

We have one of those friends too. Her name is Samantha Ball and she is one of our finest Goldie Mae Productions models. Samantha let us dig into the corners of her closet amd pull out our favorite summer outfits and use her as our own personal dress-up doll. It didn't take too much arm twisting because she's got a passion for fashion and isn't shy when the camera comes out! We started with a Boston Proper orange blouse and a brown felt hat.

Hats, hats and more hats. Have you been neglecting them, letting them collect dust on the top shelf, waiting for just the right day to pull one down and shake it out? Summer is the right time and you only have a few weeks left, so get them out today and toss them on your head. The thing about hats is they not only up the cool factor but they keep your face protected from these strong Colorado UV rays. Remember, you live closer to the sun than you think you .

Those vitamin D enriched rays feel like a warm hug after a long winter but Samantha keeps the tender skin on her face in the shade with wide brims. And although you can wear any hat that speaks to you, those straw hats breath better and will do double duty of blocking the sun and keeping you from overheating.

Samantha gravitates towards bright, bold colors year round, but something about summer inspires her to go bolder. If you aren't making heads turn when you walk in a room, you might not be doing summer right. This easy, toss-on wrap dress by Style & Co. is the right color to stop traffic and it goes from casual to va-va-voom with the snap of the fingers.

Who doesn't love a lace maxi dress? We all do, and this baby blue beauty by Boston Proper is both exotic and romantic. The halter and peek-through skirt scream summer fun! Pulling this dress out from the assortment of skirts and shirts inspired baby shower style squeels of delight.

Samantha loves accessories and she has plenty of options at her disposal, but for this dress, she keeps it simple with a bit of a metaphysical touch. This ring is like a crystal ball going somewhere to tell a fortune.

And the crystal ball said pair this dress with blingy shoes! It just so happened that Samantha had the perfect pair of bejeweled sandals to compliment. It was the footwear that jumped out when we opened her closet door and was greeted by a wall of shiny, bright, beautiful and whimsical options for the feet. That little blue gem in the center was a beacon, telling us, begging us really, to put them on.

You learn a lot about a person when you violate their personal space and dig through their clothes and one thing that stood out immediately about Samantha is she is drawn to beautiful things, especially those inspired by nature. Her home is full of fresh flowers and her go-to outfits stay true to this love of all things pedaled. Samantha pulls out this peek-a-boo shouldered tropical floral print top by Old Navy time and time again. And there is no better time to draw some of that attention to a pair of dangling gold earings.

Jewelry plays an important role in her repertoire and matching the baubles was like taking a walk down the rainbow bricked road. The woman has options and they run the gamete from gypsy to native inspired and finding the right pieces was a challenge of having too many options, than not enough. This turquois multi-strand necklace when placed next to a sheer printed blouse by Alfani, sang out loud.

And when something in your wardrobe sings, you would be well advised to listen. Samantha is an excellent listener, and when you see her out and about this summer, let her personal style speak to you.

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