• Julie Gallahue

Delaney Archer is blossoming

There’s a special feeling that washes over you when you walk into a florist shop. Both visually stimulating and aromatic; it’s hard to feel aggressive in an environment like this. Shoving your nose into a bouquet of peonies is guaranteed to lift your spirits, but it will also raise some eyebrows. Currently, stopping to smell the roses just became high risk behavior. There may, or may not be a contagion on the flower if someone stuck their nose in it before you and sneezed. And, if you have a mask on, like you have been asked too, you will have to inhale very deeply to catch a whiff. It’s possible you could get dizzy trying.

Straw sunhat and gold willow print dress by Floreat.

A better game plan is to buy the bouquet for the colors and hope they coincide with a lovely scent. You have to ask yourself; have you ever sniffed a bad smelling flower? It’s one of those situations where you get either a nice smell, or an even nicer smell, but it’s never going to stink.

If you can’t buy them easily for the kitchen table, you can still feel the power of flowers all day. Delaney Archer uses floral prints to add a touch of femininity, finding ways to keep it fresh from top to bottom. Above a waffle knit long sleeve powder blue top and a pair of bright tropical print knit shorts from H&M.

Only a woman of great confidence can wear white, and when a it’s splashed with flowers it says something about the person. It says they are both strong and approachable. Delany found these Converse floral tennis shoes at a market in Turkey. They are a personal favorite wardrobe item for her and they look perfect with while linen crop trousers by Prologue and a wildflower print top with ruffled collar by Forever 21.

If you can't bring a vase full of blooms into your workplace, bring them in on your outfit and share the mood lifter with your co-workers. A cotton wrap skirt by Rajana and a ruffled blouse will get you noticed, maybe even remind the boss, you deserve a raise!

A street vendor find in Madrid Spain, puts florals up close to it's cousin the paisley and the results are bright and exotic.

To continue to do our best to socially distance and maintain social connectivity, Delaney did her own hair and make-up for this shoot at the Littleton War Memorial Rose Garden.

The wardrobe is a combination of items owned by model and photographer. To create a floral inspired look, start from the bottom and work your way up.

More florals, colors and styles of converse sneakers can by delivered to your front door!

Add a Finmye floral swing sundress........ Grace Karin bolero shrug cardigan and you're going to turn some heads.....

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