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Discover Albuquerque's Jason Klein

Jason Klein captured by Jeff Warnock

First thing you need to know about Jason Klein is he lives in a city that took us several weeks to learn how to spell without spellcheck saving the day. Just to be clear there is only one R in Albuquerque. And there is only one Jason Klein.

When we started our search for fantastic faces in the state south of ours, the difficulty was not in finding beautiful people with an interest in fashion. This city is full of fabulous talent! But, it only took one look at this dashing man and my inner biker chic just went crazy! True confession, I am a huge Sons of Anarchy fan and Jason just makes me want to pull out my leather pants and start a life of crime. I mean, it's business, right? Some businesses are safe and some, well a little less.

Jason Klein captured by Jeff Warnock

Thing is, you can't judge a book by it's cover and that's the same with this 47 year old military vet and insurance salesman. Yeah he looks like he could be in the firearms trading hustle, but he's more likely to sell you a policy bundle for your home, auto and life. And, it will only take about five minutes of getting to know this guy, before you learn where his priorities are; with his wife and 3 sons.

It's always a pleasure to hear a man unabashedly boast about the character and beauty of his wife and how much he loves and encourages his kids to take on the world full speed ahead, with no fear and the knowledge that they will always have a safe place to go when they need it. He's the kind of Dad that inspires greatness.

Jason Klein captured by Jeff Warnock

So where did this tattooed, bearded man get his passion for fashion? It doesn't seem like an obvious connection between service man and hip dude in the desert, but there was something that happened in the middle that may have influenced his ability to pick the perfect pair of shoes and a shirt that makes his blue eyes pop. It was years of retail management between leaving the service and entering the insurance industry.

Our team, which included myself and associate producer Jeff Warnock of Empath Eyes Productions took the 6 hour drive to meet with Jason and capture him on film. After a really good lunch at the Slate Street Café (an absolute must when you're in town), the three of us went for a walk and discovered a parking garage with some character and a retro theater on the same block that just made everything from his shades to his gray sneakers come together.

Video and music created by Empath Eyes.

And for a man new to the business, he was exceptionally comfortable posing. He's done this a few times before we got our lucky claws on him, but not many and I was surprised how easily he moved and how open he was to taking risks. Just a little goofing off at the movie house and we are thinking he has a future in film as well as print.

Albuquerque is hot. And we don't just mean the temperature of the air, although that is fairly impressive as well. This city is on the move and we are excited to join the adventure. Our time with Jason and a group of independent models that were kind enough to meet with us over beverages and scotch eggs at Two Fools Tavern did more than educate us on the scene in New Mexico, it inspired us. So much so that we will be opening a branch of Goldie Mae Productions in Albuquerque asap.

With frequent trips to this town on the horizon, Jeff Warnock and I have learned a valuable lesson; Dress appropriately, park in the shade, sit by the fan and try to schedule your shoots before the sun claims the day.

Associate Producer and photographer Jeff Warnock

Model Jason Klein and

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