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Down to Earth with Alexandria Benavidez

The World is a big place. And yet sometimes if can feel like the invisible walls are closing in on you and even the air is tight and restrictive making you closterfobic while your standing in a wide open field with nothing around but buzzing bees and overgrown weeds.

But there is also comfort in that field that you just need to look at from a differnt angle to see. Alexandria Benavidez likes to stay connected to the Earth to keep her otherwise busy, automobile, cement sidewalk, industrial buildings and crowded suburbs life in check. And, she likes to do it in clothes that keep her head in the woods, even if her body is in the office.

Fun fact about Alexandria; she loves the Renaissance Fair. Always has, always will. And so using a mideviel inspired belt to pull together a lace maxi dress and a sheer olive green and cream ruffled blouse by Kaity was the perfect start to a photo shoot at Little Park in Ideldale Colorado. It's an easy add to pair items that would otherwise not belong together. And if you've been to the Renaissance Fair, you know the fun starts in the psychic's tent and these dangling orbs conjure a crystal ball feeling. That crystal ball sees you in this outfit, and you are rocking it!

Despite her love for jousting and turkey legs, reality is what reality is and you can only hang out with jesters for so long before you have to get back to business and business has a way of stressing a person out now and again. It's unavoidable, but Alexandria has a few tricks up her sleeve to handle this and one of them is keeping close to nature. And there is an attitude she adopts when things get bumpy.

Q. Alexandria, what gets you all worked up and how do you deal with it?

A. Im a very particular person. When thing don’t go as planned Its easy for me to get worked up. Making plans and organizing makes me feel like I have some kind of control over this chaotic world, but I sometimes forget there is beauty in all the chaos. It helps me to remember that you cant wait for the perfect moment. Sometimes you have to make the moment perfect.

Could that be said any better? I don't think so. Take a moment to see the beauty in the choas and while you are looking at that, check out this Ombre dyed skirt by Apt. 9 and the Mudd long sleeve casual top layered with a loose lace tank. Because you might not be able to loosen those mental restrains but you certainly don't need to make them tighter with an outfit that squeezes and pinches you. Embrace flowing pieces in earthy shades that remind you of your happy place.

Q. Where is your happy place Alexandria?

A. When I was 10 my dad left. Court order said he had custody of me and my brother on weekends. My dad was wrapped up in the situation and left me and my brother alone a lot. While wondering around his new complex we stumbled across a small unit for covered parking. We climbed on the roof and it looked over a small farm facing the west. You could see the cows and horses on the farm. Past that, a beautiful view of the mountains and vivid sun set. It was there me and my brother could talk and play. We found a place we could get away from reality. I still go there and watch the sunset when I need to think.

Finding a quiet place to think isn't always easy. There are a lot of us on this plantet and we congrigate. Not many of us have wide open spaces to retreat to on any given tuesday afternoon after a phone call reported bad news and the mail man delivered a hefty bill. Take a breath. Lay down in the grass. Listen to the wind speak to the grass and trees and to you as well. The wind might tell you to get yourself a soft pink velvet blazer from eshakti, where you can get items custom made at a reasonable price to fit you perfectly. Let it play with the subtle pink in the flowers and contrast with the most popular shade of earth tone (brown) in this Eva Blue dress picked up for a few dollars at a local thrift store.

Q. Let's say your bestie is tinkering on the stressed out ledge. How do you talk her/him safely back to solid ground?

A. When my bestie is going through a hard time, I try to use comforting words and encouragement, but I’ve noticed only time can heal some wounds. Especially if it's a situation I’ve never been in. Telling someone it's going to be okay isn’t always the right answer. In that situation a little company, wine and just listening can be the best medicine.

Agreed! Time and wine is sometimes the best medicine. Also, what can help put things in perspective is a floral print cotton dress by Forever and a sand colored cordaroy jacket by Sashimi. And sometimes getting back to mental stability required some stomping around. Stomp on those negative feelings and those broken records that keep playing in your head with a chunky leather boot by Mudd. Becuase when life is spotted with puddles, remember that you're not the kind of person to gingerly step around these obsticals. You're the kind of person that will trek straight on through them, unphased and powerful in your resolution. Those natural spaces that you are so lucky to have access too in your very own state will always be there for you, even if time and wine aren't.

Q. A lot of people are moving to Colorado. We can't really blame them. The scenery is gorgeous, the weather is lovely and the natives are friendly. What would you like transplants to know about our natural wonders?

A. For new people moving to Colorado I say welcome. Colorado is a beautiful place and I think I speak for everyone when I say we would like it to stay that way. Other than that I love to see people from other places contribute to the art and music culture that is growing in Denver, and the new ideas for equality, sustainability and healthy living. I don’t expect Colorado to stay the same but I think all coloradans would like it to stay safe and clean.

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