• Julie Gallahue

Fly Girl starring Karissa Seal

You plan.

You schedule.

You reschedule.

Karissa Seal on Bear Creek, Morrison Colo.

And, then Colorado spring happens. If you have not experienced this bipolar season in person, it’s hard to explain what it means to start your day in flip-flops and tank tops only to switch to snow boots and parkas somewhere around mid-day, and then possibly be grilling on the deck for dinner back in your short sleeves.

Spring is a time of bewilderment and unpredictability. And therefore, when you get derailed by the weather, you become defiant and determined. And, even though your shoot was intended to be a classic beauty doing a quintessential outdoor activity popular in the basking sunshine on a gentle rambling river, you’re still going to go through the motions if it’s not a sunblock kind of day.

That’s a good thing, because when push comes to shove and your models in a swimsuit and waders in drizzling freezing rain, you may need to remind her that she did sign up for this and she does want the pictures. And, that really, you can’t see cold in pictures unless your making a face and have goose bumps.

Which she didn’t even do once.

In fact, the rest of us were more concerned for her well-being than she was. Karissa Seal, our model is just tougher than the rest of us. Or her internal thermostat is broken, and she is impervious to temperature chances.

Whatever the reason, we counted ourselves lucky on this chilly Saturday afternoon in Morrison Colorado that Karissa was a tough girl; brave, adventurous and fun. Just take one look at that smile, and you know she can change the emotional temperature around her, if she can’t change the physical one.

Our photographer, Seth Beckton, drove all the way from Aspen to do this shoot, jumping from a wedding to a lifestyle shoot like a pro. It was our first time working with Seth, but it won’t be our last. There were a few things that Seth did and said within the first ten minutes of our shoot that let me know I had found a kindred sole. I won’t get into the specifics, but his comments were so spot on, I thought that I might have said them myself, but it wasn’t my voice I heard saying them.

Typically, I am hands on at a shoot, with directing, styling, and assisting, but on this day, I was mostly there to enjoy myself with Karissa’s mother. I wasn’t needed. Seth had complete control over his actions and he knew how to communicate with his talent. There was nothing but smiles on Karissa’s face when he walked away from her and I could see that whatever Seth had said to her outside my hearing range, Karissa felt confident in doing what he asked. She didn’t hesitate and trusted him completely and it paid off.

Our duo took close to 300 pictures in an hour or so. They caught zero fish, but they captured a ton of pictures that make us all want to take up fly fishing, or at the very least, take up watching someone else fly fishing from the banks of a river.

Photographer Seth Beckton



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