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Get a little grungy with Kolbe Jackson

Somedays call for a suit and tie. Somedays the shoe polish comes out. Somedays a clean shave and a side part are the way to go. Someday isn't today. Today, the right look is less structured, formal and certainly less ironed.

Kolbe Jackson pays tribute to Willie Nelson

In fact, the beauty of having nowhere to go and all the time in the Universe to get there is that the Universe cares little about the state of your hair. Toss on a hat and let the beard go crazy. It's a sign that you've been doing "stay-at-home" correctly. It's not that you don't have the time to trim and primp, but who is really going to appreciate it, other than your room-mate?

Kolbe Jackson spends lots of time dressed to the nines as a Denver based actor and model. He's tossed into a James Bond persona more often then not, and it's not really a stretch of the imagination to figure out why. The man does clean up well and has that natural enforcer look about him. But, he's not that one dimensional. There's a side to Kolbe that his viewers only get the occasional glimpse of; a rougher, tougher, rugged side. Although he is an avid outdoorsmen, when it comes to kicking back in his own neighborhood in South Denver, he gets a little grungy. These Patagonia boots, for example, have seen more dirt than dance floor and they are as comfortable as the day is long.

Flannels shirts aren't just for lumberjacks and cowboys; they transcend. They get the garage band kings, the skater chic's, and the hipsters too. Everyone and their mother has at least one well worn flannel shirt at their disposal. We used a favorite of Kolbe's here from American Rag, The best practice for keeping thing on the casual, is to pick one with wear and tear, You know the one, you've worn it a thousand times.

If your aiming to go the opposite of uptight, your going to find your perfect relaxing standards at thrift stores and Army Surplus. If you are a Denver local and have not taken a trip to the store at 3524 S. Broadway in Englewood, there's a few things you need to know before going there. First, this is not a Nordstrom's visit and you will have to dig for what you want. Second, the digging is part of the experience. Third, the dressing room is small, real small and feels a bit less than private. Toughen up sunshine, you're in the Army now.

In the mountains of denim, you are going to find every waist and inseam imaginable in brands from Wrangler to Levi and they will be at a price that will encourage you to take both home. Just down the road a spell at 1515 S. Broadway, you will run into an ARC Thrift Store. This is a valuable resource in your super casual, throw worry to the wind look. Both the army green trench and Element Skateboard Project yellow striped shirt came from an ARC and cost less than $10 for both.

Some of the best things in your closet came to you free of charge, and that's some kind of return on investment. They usually come via a gift bag and this amazing beanie arrived in one with a note that said "love, Mom". Because we are not the only ones that adore this guy, his number one fan cheers him on and gave him more than a brilliant jaw line and soulful eyes. She gave his grit, grins and glory too! Thanks Mom!

You probably have all these items already hanging around your house, waiting for you to pull them together and take them for a stroll. So stroll away! And while you are at it, stop in at a local hangout and give them a few of the dimes you saved on this outfit.

On this windy afternoon on South Broadway, Kolbe and I stopped into Moe's Original BBQ and had some tasty bites and wonderful service. The folks here are ready to welcome you back with smiles you can't see under their masks, but you can feel in their warm greetings and appreciation for your patronage.

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