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GMP International Models: Streets of Madrid

Right before the virus hit the fan and and a global pandemic sent us all racing home to social distance and make homemade face masks out of old tee shirts and bandana's, there was freedom.

Freedom to buy groceries anytime of the day, any day of the week.

Freedom to meet up with ten or more friends to enjoy tacos and margs at the local eatery. Freedom to jump on a plane and travel thirteen hours or more to exotic and new places, like Europe. Remember that?

At least we have our memories to carry us through until the fan stops blowing that covid 19 virus on us. And the next time I'm sitting on my porch enjoying an evening libation with myself and the setting sun, I can say "Remember when you and ten Goldie Mae Productions models went to Spain?" I do remember. I remember it in vivid color.

Michelle Holmes

The best part of traveling is witnessing the brilliance of another culture that is far removed from the mundane. The kind that comes with living in one place, with the same people and the same supermarket, gas station, bank, laundromat, etc. Life gets dull and nothing shines up your spirit like an international adventure will.

Alec Elder

We went to work. That was the point of packing our suitcases to reach the maximum weight of fifty pounds allowed and not an ounce less and cramming our tall, not-made-for-tight-spaces bodies like sardines in economy class to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in February. We had a purpose and it was to offer our heads to the Beauty Underground team to do with as they pleased for the International Hairdressing Awards show held at the IFEMA Center in Madrid.

Paris Creed

Let's just say the show was spectacular and suggest you take a peak at the creations of these talented stylists in the Beauty Underground Magazine vol. X. Turning the pages of this incredible art magazine is a trip in itself. And, it's a lot cheaper than a plane ticket and Airbnb.

Mishael La Bella

But while we were there, how could we not take advantage of the beautiful city streets that drip in both sophistication and history. Madrid is the kind of city that appreciates beautiful things, whether they be in the form of classic art and architecture or the on the backs of the people that take to the streets in hordes every night to enjoy tapas and wine with their neighbors. The one thing you rarely see in the capital city is a poorly dressed individual. Even grams and gramps put on their very best to stroll through the streets casually. It's a metropolitan city and the perfect backdrop for our models Michelle Holmes, Paris Creed, Mishael La Bella and Alec Elder.

Paris Creed and Michelle Holmes

We headed west toward the Temple of Debod. There we found that the temple waterway had been drained and tourists attempted to walk across the shallow empty pool every few minutes, only to be greeted by a load whistle blowing and a few security guards that appeared from nowhere pointing at them vehemently to get the heck out. Ok, we may have been one or two of those tourists, but in our defense, it is shallow. And empty. And it looks like another walkway without said water, so honest mistake!

Alec Elder and Mishael La Bella

And what would Madrid be without some impressive cathedrals and royal palaces? Above Alec and Mishael take advantage of the grandeur of Catedral de la Amundena It's an interesting juxtaposition wandering through a city where one block is filled end to end with modern and sleek apartments and just around the corner you look straight into the eyes of something that clearly has been there longer than your own country has even existed.

Michelle Holmes

With the noise of a busy city in constant states of renovation and restoration, there is a lot of visual and auditory stimulation. Constant streams of stimulus, come at a cost. And living in a super city would put my nerves on end. But, not unlike our own super city of New York, the city planners of Madrid found a way to balance the hustle with the happy. You don't have to go far to find a piece of the landscape perfectly preserved in time, where quiet nature washes over you and you feel calmness in your soul.

From a styling point of view, it seemed almost a shame to compete with the texture around us, so the models kept it simple, clean and classic. How does a model compete with the Sabatini Gardens and Royal Palace of Madrid anyway? They don't compete with it, they let it speak for itself and then they join the conversation.

Paris Creed

A conversation that our models are eager to continue because this small jump across the pond to do the thing they do best, in an environment they thrive in, was a trip never to be forgotten. The weather was ideal, the food was delicious, the company so sweet. And besides another bug most of us brought home from Spain (was it the covid?), we also caught the travel bug.

Mishael La Bella

This is the beginning of our blog posts highlighting some of the Goldie Mae Productions 2020 trip to Spain. More images and memories to come including the tender and entertaining behind the scene's moments.

A special thanks to our photographer Jeff Warnock of Empath Eyes Studio. Besides his sharp eye for the esthetically pleasing, Jeff is also one of our beloved models. We could have used his handsome mug in-front of the camera that day, but he graciously gave his talents to us in another way and helped to solidify these memories for his peers.

Jeff Warnock image by Kayla Armstrong

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