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In Full Bloom

I could give a list of a hundred reasons why summer is the best season of the year. We all have our preferences, sure, and some of us really love a morning landscape dusted in snow and wearing wool sweaters and thick socks. Some of us love those winter-time holidays and long nights. It's not my thing. I need the sunshine and prefer it to be accompanied by warmth.

Sasha Milanina in Gibson & Latimer. Dare Trotter in Visconti Black.

I want all those warm weather wonders at my fingertips! Sundresses and sandals, salads for supper, endless days that find me climbing into bed before the sun does. And, the flowers! How I adore the flowers. I can pretty much flip the switch on a bad mood just by walking past a lilac bush or spotting a bright orange, paper thin poppy outside my window. It's nothing short of miraculous what a simple flower can do.

Dare in Oatmeal linen pants and powder blue linen blazer by H&M, white and floral tee shirt by Perry Ellis. Sasha in tropical print shorts by CeCe, siena lace batwing blouse by Democracy.

Sasha in yellow floral print jacquard dress by Alex Marie.

By this time of year, I've made the rounds at the local garden centers looking for deals. With in-put from my son, I've made grand plans to turn our deck into a place a flock of birds, butterflies and ladybugs would want to hang out for the next three to four months in. I've pined for years to spend an afternoon shooting in, on and around this much aromatic plant life. Because of the generosity of the folks at Wilmore Garden Center in Littleton Colorado, dreams do come true.

Sasha in French provincial blue and white print dress.

Jack Spellman in summer floral on black print button down shirt by H&M,

They have it all at Wilmore Garden Center; from herbs to rose bushes, seeds to clay pots. The mature trees that must have been there before the building was, canopy the yard in thoughtful shade with places to sit down and stare at the lilies until they speak to you. What are they saying? "Take me home, you know you want too. I don't need much, just some water and love. Less than a cat really. If you want companionship, think of how little there is to clean up after me. Can you say that about the cat?" And, then you take home some lilies.

Above, Dare in red and white checked short sleeve button down by Travel Smart and blue floral print shorts by Perry Ellis. Below, Sash in black daisy print crop top and black pleated skirt by H&M.

Special thanks to our photographer Mando Handz for making such a beautiful location come together and spending the afternoon playing and sweating in the garden with us!


Photographer | Mando Handz

Editor | Julie Gallahue

Production Assistant | Jack Spellman

Intern | Emily Wallerius


Sasha Milanina

Dare Trotter

Jack Spellman

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