• Julie Gallahue

Keep it simple with Danshay Martinez

Putting your face on is fun. Almost as much fun as going to the place you put the face on for and getting compliments like, “that color purple makes your eyes pop!” and “are those your real lashes or were you kissed by the angels when you were born?”. There is no shame in accepting a compliment to validate that your forty-minute application of winged eyeliner was worth the effort.

But there is change in the air. It’s viral mostly and causes severe respiratory distress and one other thing that will affect your beauty routine: financial hardship. Let’s be honest about this, if it comes down to cosmetics or electricity, you probably will choose to keep the lights and fridge running over purchasing a new shade of raspberry lip stain. No one will see those perfectly tinged lips under your mask anyway and you’ll be left struggling to get that color off the fabric that your mouth has been smearing around the inside of all afternoon.

I read once that the two things that increase in sales during a recession are liquor and lipstick. I can’t verify this statistic but I think there is merit to the fact that people need to feel good when times are tough, and a glass of chardonnay and ruby red lips is an instant mood changer, so I believe it.

Our situation dictates our desires and this current situation we are living in; hello coronavirus, is dictating our routines as well. Model DanShay Martinez has taken her beauty regiment to a new, less time consuming and more natural direction and not only is her pocketbook loving it, but so are we. Her complete look took her less than twenty-five minutes!

Skin: moisturizer is your friend. Use it often and add some sun block. Nothing says “I am a vision of good health” like clean, unblemished, soft skin. This should be your focus; getting a clear complexion with a naturally produced rosy blush. Danshay's go to is 365 Everyday Value Moisturizer.

Eyebrows: Your power statement comes from above the mask line. If you only have your eyes to communicate with the world around you, you'll probably take a minute or two to make sure they look good. The brows are your best investment of time. Keep it clean but bold. Danshay uses the Anastasia Brow Wiz to get her sisters looking like twins.

Lashes: a little curl and a touch of mascara and you are off. The sparkle of your eyes is the best indicator that you’re a nice person with good intentions. More so than shiny eyeshadow and fake lashes. Let your sincerity be the magic shade. Marc Jacobs Mascara is DanShay's go-to.

Lips: Stick to lip balm and make sure you like the way it smells, because under your mask, that’s what will dominate your olfactory. It gets a little steamy under that face covering and although your lips may like the breath humidity you are creating under that shield, once it comes off, they will feel like a fish that was just tossed up on the shore, drying out fast!

Nails: Gone are the days of expensive manicures, it’s back to basics with short, clean, clear nails. Millions of germs live under your fingernails, and currently germs are not trending, so keep them uber clean and people will notice. And they may even let you touch them…. On their sleeve, above the elbow, of course.

We asked Danshay what three items does she have in her beauty box that she will never part with and she easily chose some tried and true products that are guaranteed to please and keep you looking effortlessly lovely. Her must haves? Witch Hazel, Jojoba Oil and Shea Moisturizer Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

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