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Lauren Shipman is leading her pack

Albuquerque's modeling community is tight, life a pack of wolves. And the Alpha of this pack is a woman of strength, character and drive. She's a killer, really. But, if you have to go, you should be so lucky to go by the hands of Ms. Shipman.

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Recently, Goldie Mae Productions took a little trip to New Mexico with list of goals and some intentions; to understand the local scene. And, with a little help from three incredibly gracious models that agreed to meet with us we gathered our facts, asked our questions and made valuable observations.

This is kind of a big deal that they met with us, as the amount of inquiries models get from outsiders with ulterior motives is skyscraper high. And because of that we would like to give a special shout out to Antonio Vallas, Arianna Abrams and LiAndra Terrell, for taking the time to share their stories and experiences with us.

We really didn't have enormous expectations beyond making some friends, but one of these lovely people changed the game for us on the turn of a dime. Miss Arianna started to tell us about this woman in their community, they called her the Gate Keeper.

Photo by Dustin McClure. Edited by Jason O'Dell

Let me just say that while this young woman was telling me about said Gate Keeper, I got chills and those little voices inside my head became incredibly loud and persistant. There was no way I was jumping into the Albuquerque pool without knowing this woman. First, she sounded very much like myself where it came to tending to her "kids"; protective, savvy, motivated by others success, a leader, a mother, a business woman. The list just goes on. She quite honestly could have been my twin, but I had not met her yet. Perhaps I needed to call my pops and ask if there was anything he wanted to tell me.

Returning home to Colorado, I knew one thing for sure about Lauren Shipman. We needed her, like a city needs street.

I reached out to Lauren with my usual manic, get-er-done way and she was nothing short of miraculous, just like I had suspected. She's been modeling for many years herself, which gives her the inside scoop on what models need from their leader. She's a photographer, and she knows how to educate in the ways of capturing great images. She's a mom of three beautiful boys.......remember I did mention I felt like she and I had a lot in common and this is one of those things. I am a mother of three beautiful boys too....but mine are a bit older than Lauren's little ones and they don't need as much of my mothering as they used too, but they still make silly faces at each other. Let me tell you that the skills of a mother are extremely useful when you work in a youth dominated industry.

Lauren was working before we even finished our first conversation. There are shoots in the planning, students being taught and models being signed in Albuquerque! And, her team is starting out rock solid!

Looking for management in Lauren's hood? Contact her asap at

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