• Julie Gallahue

Lily Holm takes 1 romper in 3 directions

It's that time of the year when deciding what to wear requires a daily check on the forcast. As we have just witnessed here in Colorado, it is absolutely possible to be in the grips of a heat wave on Sunday and have a half a foot of snow on the ground by Monday night. Spring and Autumn are both the most lovelist times of year in the Mile High City, but also the most unpredictable.

Even if you look forward to the seasons changing, you might not like putting some of your favorite outfits back in the attic for the next nine months. And, we get that! So much so, that we push those summer pieces past there best worn date until we physically can not take another moment of exposed legs. Goldie Mae Productions model Lily Holm holds firm onto this flirty, feminine romper and finds stylish ways to keep it relevant well into fall.

The floral print screems summer but when the air fills with a slight chill, adding a crochetted sweater is just the ticket to a comfortable stroll down the Sante Fe Art District in Denver. No need to tuck away the canvas wedges, straw sunhat and shelled necklace that kept her comfortable through the melting heat. It's not that cold yet and the sun is still beating down on you so protecting your skin is still a priority.

Swiching from a cool summer color pallet into something a bit warmer is a snap since the foundation of the romper is a neutral with hints of bold colors that easily pair well with the warmth of earthy greens and attention grabbing reds.

The wool sweater by J. Crew lends a touch of dignity. But just a touch so those dark green socks and hand bag are funky enough to let people know that Lily is dignified, but she doesn't take herself that seriously and likes to keep things fresh and unique. A pair of vintage inspired earings add the perfect finishing touch.

Layers, layers, layers. That's the transitional wheather rule that never fails. With this romper, Lily can add more than layers of fabrics, she can add layers of print and texture and does so seemlessly with a bold red lace blouse under the tube top and a yellow lined, cotton blazer by Pollo Ralph Lauren.

Some Silver hoops and a black belt polish her casual look. But it's really those white Doc Martens that keep her on her toes and ready for brunching, lunching and power shopping with friends. There isn't any hard core secret to making simple changes that turn one piece of your wardrobe into a major league player, but the first place to start is with the colors. Find those that pop right out, like the red and black, but don't forget about the secondary players, like the yellows and greens. And if you are so inclinded to manicures, you can use this canvas to bring out those playful notes as well.

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