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Masha Pichugina keeps things under wraps

Guys are lucky. But, ladies are luckier. They simply have more options at their disposal to deal with bad hair days. Let's face it, the best you can do for a man with out-of-control follicles is put a hat on him. Hat's are cool, but they have their limits. It's hard to coordinate a sports themed ball cap with a three piece suit, for instance. Though, it does make me want to try, now that I am thinking about it.

A lady, she has more than a hat at her disposal and even when she goes in that direction, there are a million and one styles of headwear for her to choose from. That and the tried and true ponytail are one way to deal with short notice invitations. But there is another way to keep fashion forward in a pinch and model Masha Pichugina demonstrates a few fast and easy ways to pull it together with a twists.

Once upon a time, I played in my grandmothers closet, just like most young girls did and besides some interesting patterns and a few dresses I had a hard time imagining my granny wearing, I stumbled across a collection of scarves. Scarves are perhaps the one item that speaks to us through our senses more than any other item in our wardrobe. They look pretty, with all those flowers and colorful patterns. They feel good, made of slippery and slinky fabrics that tickle the skin. They smell like gardenia's and hairspray, which may not be an obvious winning combination of fragrances, but it is. It makes you relive events and moments, some of which you were not even in attendance for.

This simple style above marries medieval with modern. If it were a basic linen cloth paired with a peasant dress, Masha would look like she just stepped out for an afternoon of gathering water from the village well. But, Masha's got indoor plumbing and a taste for the finer things, like fresh water pearls. She used a bold earthy floral print silk scarf and coupled it with a dramatic sleeve on a solid pallet to make them jump out and say something bold, like "is that well filled with Merlot? Here's my bucket. Filler up!"

Sometimes there's a few more minutes to get ready for the party, but just a few. And when it comes to maximizing prep time, a scarf pulls its weight. Instead of curling her entire head, a few spiral locks pocking out the side makes this gypsy style go from renaissance to romance with a dangling pair of earings and a soft knot at the nape of the neck.

Just on the chance that your summer schedule has a convertible involved, and there's a few miles to travel, you will want to keep your hair from experiencing hardcore flyaway syndrome. Go classic and toss on a pair of tortious shell framed shades. But, be prepared, because once you have arrived, and parked that sports car, you'll likely stop traffic with this Hollywood glam look. Try your best to not cause any accidents. Need a pair of shades to up the glam factor? Check out the amazing selection at the Sunglass Hut for dozens of options.

Masha's been sticking close to home, this summer, like many of us, because there is a coronavirus sharing our air space and it's put some limits on soirees and shindigs. It's made regular root maintenance a challenge as well. There's no shame in sporting a color of hair that you were not born with. That's why we have and love our hairdressers and salons. Our hair is like a blank canvas waiting to be painted on and nothing makes you feel like a brand new woman like a fresh color.

Don't sweat it when your roots get past the point of touch up. Grab a scarf that compliments the ends, and cover up the crown. Nobody will be the wiser, but they might be suddenly overcome with the urge to dig through their own drawers to revisit the scarves that swim amongst their stockings and slips. Go ahead, be the inspiration!

Masha has shown us four simple ways to work the scarf but there are so many more! Jump over to the Woman Elite's website to learn several more easy ways to work scarf magic!

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