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Ranch Hand Alyssa Wahr

There are a lot of titles that follow Alyssa Wahr around, like Dental Assistant, Fashion Model, Daughter, Friend, Partner, but the one that most people are not expecting is Ranch Hand. But it's true. Amongst her many talents and gifts, Alyssa is also a hard-core, hands-on, care-taker of four legged creatures and she's not affraid to get a little dirty.

Q: Alyssa, how did you know a ranch life was the life for you?

A: It's kind of in my blood. My father grew up on a farm and the love of being outdoors and around animals was always living inside me, even when I lived in the city.

Sometimes, and errouneously so, people assume that horses and fashion don't run in the same pasture, but Alyssa proves this is an incorrect assumption and she loves to pull out her Free People fringe vest and as long as none of her hooved friends chew on it, she's brought some flare to morning chores.

Q: So, how early do you have to wake up to take care of these animals?

A: Animals don't run on the same schedule as humans and they don't understand things like, today is Sunday and I'm sleeping in. They have us up by 6:30 am everyday of the week.

The staple of fabric choices on a ranch has always been denim and they've earned the top spot for go-to attire out on the range. First, is there ever a time when a well fitting pair of blue jean doesn't hit a fashion bullseye? Alyssa's favorite pair of jeans by Hudson fit her life a glove and protect her from everything from sunburn, to snake bites. We just tossed that one it to see if you were paying attention. Alyssa hasn't been bitten by any snakes, and although they do occassionally find their way onto the property, they are mostly of the garden variety and more helpful than hurtful.

Q: How has living on a ranch changed your wardrobe choices?

A: I needed to have practical but cute clothing that I was ok with getting dirty, because dirt is everywhere and there is no way to avoid it.

Pairing practicle with pretty isn't hard to do with a feminine floral print dress by Hem & Thread and some buckled ankle boots by Freebird.

Not all the moments on the Longmont property Alyssa lives on with her partner are filled with muck, hay and heavy machinary. Every once in a while, those mammals take a break and let Alyssa get in touch with her softer side. The side that wears lace dresses by Guess and cover ups by Style Apparel and invites a friend to join her under the shade of a cotton wood. Alyssa is everything that is country charm.

Special thanks to our photographer William Maestas. See more of Williams work on instagram at

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