• Julie Gallahue

Savage Scavengers Dare and Ariana

Once upon a time they were strangers. Having passed each other on the street, they would not have stopped to say "Hello! What's up?" or given the person passing on the left a second thought. Just a regular guy and a regular girl doing regular things. Until fate and the need for some old car parts and more than slightly used home furnishings brought them together in a small junk yard on the outskirts of town.

What's a regular Joe, or in this case Dare Trotter, to do when the front bumper of his old truck falls off and is left somewhere in a parking lot? It's time to get a new one. But, it's not something a dealership can order, because they just don't make em like they used too. His best option is to scavenge around some fields full of abandon automobiles, building supplies and the occassional home appliance.

And when he gets there, and starts his hunt for the perfect, or close to perfect bumper, what he finds is unexpected and slightly terrifing. He finds regular Jane, Ariana Burrell, who was looking for an upcycling project on the cheap. She found something other than an old chair with good bones.

She found a bug. A germ maybe. It could have been something in the air? Or maybe she touched a puddle of contagion and absentmindedly wiped it across her runny nose? No one will ever know for sure, because they are unlikely to leave this petrie dish field of finds in the same shape they came in.

Whatever it was, it changed her and it was going to change him too. And not for the better, unless better means an unsatisfied lust for raw flesh and fresh blood. Where it comes from, unimportant; a wild rabit, a wandering child, whatever. Blood is blood and it all taste good. It's like drinking a Coke or a Pepsi. They may taste slightly different, but they're both soda.

When the hunt turns from inanimate objects to something with a pulse, the competion for resourses gets a little savage. It's a dog-eat-dog-world now and there are not enough breathers in this lot to satisfy both of them. They get a little testy with each other. A little secretive. A little protective of what they are able capture.

Go ahead. Try and take it from her. That's gonna be something to see and you should expect there to be teethmarks as evidence of the struggle. Let's hope they aren't on you.

But if two savage scavengers are going to claim the same lot as their home and hunting ground, some compromises are going to have to be made. Sharing meat might not be high on their list of activities to do together, but that doesn't mean the two strangers have to stay strange for eternity. Life is short, after all. Sometimes shorter than you think, and a life time of looking for field mice and stray dogs is better done in pairs.

Friendships form in the most unlikely places, in the most unlikely ways. But, really all you need to build the bridges is time and a common interest. Scavengers. Savages. Friends.


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