• Julie Gallahue

The bald truth about Alec Elder

No he didn't just experience a painful breakup, but something did happen in his life that inspired the bold step forward into a huge hair change. One day he had long, thick wavy hair that fell just past his shoulders. He looked like a white Jesus, really, and even more so if he wore sandals. But, than a few things happened that inspired a shake up and a new do. What was it? Well, you most likely already know, and probably it inspired you to either color your hair purple, give yourself a home perm (wait, that never happens anymore) or possible shave your head like model, Alec Elder did.

It really boils down to convenience and money, his decision to go bald. And, he's not alone! I've seen men and women alike make the same decision in the last six months. In my house, two thirds of the men turned to the clippers to handle the uncertainty of getting a hair cut during the covid crisis. The other one, went in the opposite direction and decided long hair was the way to go. But, either way all three of the my men-folk took dramatic steps in managing their budget during shut-downs and shelters-in-place.

This isn't his first follicle free rodeo. Alec has a tendency to go all in when it comes to his hair. But the last time, he had lots of help from his mother......If you haven't picked up on this yet, that would be me. I take full credit and responsibility for this model. I made him. I grew him up. I supported the extreme hair as well as other bold acts in his life. I can't help it. I am prone to bold acts as well. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

As his manager, I might protest for a minute because often a models marketability is about how versatile they are in appearance, and hair is a major player in that game. A switch up of the part and a blow dryer can turn a conservative corporate look into a beach bum in less than 5 minutes. So, needless to say, a models hair is a valuable tool in the toolbox of tricks. So without the hair, would Alec be able to pull off diversity?

The answer is absolutely YES!

Because Alec has other tools in his collection to pull out when needed and the best tool in his box, is his facial expressions. We used to call him Jim Carrey when he was a teenager, because the kid could make his face do some crazy things. His eyebrow muscles alone could tell a dozen stories. And that's the secret to his success. The eyebrows.

Ok, he also has a well proportioned body, broad shoulders, beautiful gray eyes straight teeth, and a winning smile, too.

A few things are different this time around. The last time he went que-ball style, his mom was there to shave it for him. He's a grown man now, and even though she would still do this for him, it's less convenient. And since he is not actually at an age where male pattern baldness is a thing, his hair grows like our backyard weeds; warp speed fast. So, he's shaving it himself now and he's learned a few things like, go slow, lather it up generously and if you miss a few spots, put a hood on it. Sounds a bit like shaving the legs, doesn't it ladies?

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