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The sheer beauty of Ivy Willocks

Runway trends are cyclical. One season it's all about primary colors, the next it's all about faux fur, and then the next will be all about the hounds tooth pattern. Probably because there are only so many fabric options available to us, finding these things resurface after a hiatus is natural, even fun, like visiting an old friend you have not seen in years. The fabric that likes to visit us most frequently, is sheer. By sheer, I mean see-through, just incase you were wondering.

Do a Pinterest search of sheer fashion images and you're going to pull up some super cool outfits. The kind that make you say F@&K Yeah, let's get this party started and show off our fancy underwear in public! But before you go crazy, ask yourself, is this really appropriate for the office or grandma's 80th birthday bash? In your mind, are you feeling super duper bold, but in your reality, are you just a bit more conservative than your average New York socialite? It's a bit like eating that birthday cake. Sometimes are eyes are bigger than our stomach and we risk biting off more than we can chew. So we're going to tone it down a bit for the regular folks with model Ivy Willocks.

Sheers have a sliding scale to fit all comfort levels. If you feel better hanging out at five, stay at five. No need to push it to a ten. This lovely H&M dress is just sheer enough to hint at what those undergarments look like. If they are noticed, make sure they are lovely and make sense. Ivy kept within the nude pallet and opted for subtle tiny flowers and a vintage lace body shaper. You can hardly see them but she still has all the femininity a slightly transparent dress garners without fear of being over-exposed.

You want people to stare. That's why you spent the time picking out the perfect outfit in the first place, but you don't want people to stare too long in the wrong place, or you will feel like your in a police line-up. Some easy tricks, are to distract the viewer with interesting details from top to bottom. Keep those eyes moving around. Ivy uses Ralph Lauren handbag, a strappy heel and a dangling bracelet like fishing lures.

Lace and sheer go together like love and hugs. This relationship is rock solid and has stood the test of time. Chose one of the primary colors from your dress and add a slip in that color. It is a no-brainer when it comes to black and white. But, if you want to turn up the eye pop, a solid red, pink or orange slip can also work. It's the ying and yang that makes it work.

She could go full throttle romantic with this outfit, with the dangling earrings and Victorian inspired necklace, but she's a modern woman and likes to keep her feet solid on the ground so she paired it with a sleek and sexy boot she found on Shoe Dazzle.

And while we are on the subject of accessories, look at the pattern of the sheer fabric for inspiration and move in the same direction. Dots on the skirt stay on point with the round stones of this necklace by Ross + Simons.

Do you have one of those really long slips in your dresser, perfect for the floor length skirts that you don't get to wear often in the warm summer months? As it turns out, that extra long slip is cool and comfy and you can wear it comfortably through the rising temp season. And this sheer floor length skirt turns that undergarment into overgarment with ease. You won't believe this, but that skirt was found at, wait for it......Walmart and before tax, set us back $10.99.

All models have one or more "power card" to play at every photo shoot. Ivy has many; almond shaped green eyes, a perfect cupids bow, long, healthy hair, and her shoulders. Broad shoulders and strong collar bones are kind of a thing with photographers. We like to put Ivy in tops like this knit white tub top to maximize those power cards and win the game. She's really consistent with the winning part.

And because this blog is about modeling as well as fashion, it's worth a step away from the lovely outfit to the spot on posing. Sitting poses can be tricky. You don't want to lose your feet under the skirt or you look blobby on the ground. She kept those little piggies right where we can see them and used her arms and head to switch things up and it worked wonders. This seamless series of poses played to all of her strengths and gave us a tough job of choosing the strongest one. So, we just used them all!

To ensure the safety and well being of both model and photographer, Ivy did her own hair and makeup and the shoot was small, and happened in an open, outdoor location. To keep mindful of social distancing, this day was kept to a two person shoot.

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