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Model images provided by 303 Magazine for Denver Fashion Week.

Learn Runway the fun way!

When you take a lesson with Goldie Mae Productions, you're not going to be sitting around taking notes or watching other people do what we know you need to be doing yourself!  Regardless if you decide to take a private lesson or join a workshop, you're going to be in motion the entire time!  

We will teach you the rules of runway, from head to toe!  Posture, body motions, step and stride, turns, pivots, posing..... everything you need to know to take the best step forward into auditions and shows.

Our students gain confidence and skills as well as have a good time doing it in an upbeat, positive environment.  

Private lessons $70

Groups of 10 or more $45/student

Organize a class of 10 students or more and you and a friend take the class for free!

Contact us directly for scheduling